Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Customer Projects to Share!

Today a customer, new to knitting but a long time crocheter, brought this scarf in to share with me. It's a WIP, a simple crochet pattern she found on Ravelry made from the Zauberball. Just another reminder how great this yarn looks knit up in lace!

Here's a very cute
little sweater knit up in the hand dyed Zoe Sock yarn from Shalimar. Though this yarn doesn't feel all that soft in the hank, after it has been washed & blocked it was very soft! Another superwash sock yarn thats great for baby.

And I couldn't resist sharing these knit-then-felted gingerbread men that customer, Lori, made for her coworkers (she works at See's Candy!) I had to look twice when she showed them to me - I thought they were the real thing - my photo taken with my phone really doesn't do them justice!

Seeing finished projects is probably the most fun part of owning a yarn shop. I need to remember to have my good camera on hand and to be better about posting them here - I promise to work on that!

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